Ebola: What Is It?

Every people on earth must have heard about Ebola. The case of Ebola has been widespread known by the society around the world because there have been many victims because of this killing disease. This illness is more harmful and dangerous than SARS because it is more contagious and it is responsible for the death of thousands of people in Africa. Every people pay their big attention upon this case because they want to prevent this disease. Many people in West Africa have died due to the infection from Ebola virus. Actions which can be conducted are by sending more health care employers and build more health care services there.

Ebola which has scientific term Ebola hemorrhagic fever are very contagious to other people. The disease can be spread through interpersonal contact. Thus, having a contact with a person who is suffered from Ebola should be prevented. Naturally, the disease is transmitted from contact between animals which live near the human environment. This case was firstly reported when there was a victim from a small village in Central Africa.

To prevent the case of Ebola in your family and environment is to understand the symptoms. By knowing these points, you are expected to be more aware with your surroundings about the spreading. You need to be suspicious if you find people who get fever and heavy weakness. They also could vomit anything, get diarrhea, sore throat, and headache. These symptoms will be more serious if their internal organs are bleeding, such as kidneys and liver.

Good news from the Ebola case. There have been some infected people, who have treated with more intensive medical treatment, can survive. This is a proof that medical services are on the progress to improve its science and equipment to cure this disease. Currently, around 90% infected people have died due to getting suffered from Ebola. This is considered as the most dangerous and destructive disease on earth.

You can still prevent this case happened in your environment. If you find suspicious symptoms in animals around your environment, you have to quarantine them in a separated afar area or even bury or burn them if you are too worried. You can be really careful if there are diagnosed people. You should avoid the direct contact when they have secretions or any body fluids. If you are away from home, you can check up your health if you find some symptoms similar to Ebola.