The Characteristicsthe Autistics

The sensation felt by the autistics than non-autistics is different and interesting. The autistics people will feel the sensation that is longer than those who are non-autistics. Those in autistics are smarter to feel the sensation. So, that is why they understand more about it. The sensation is called habituation. The sensation itself is similar to taste and smell. Habituation can happen if the sense that you feel become stimulus. Slowly but sure, the feeling will also change as the day goes by.

The process of habituation is normal to be happened improperly in the first trial. If you have felt it, you are able to know that the feeling or sensation stays longer than before. For some people’s case, this process could take several days to really stop it. Does it feel uncomfortable? Yes, this is normal. This is in a ‘no’ feeling about something. When you feel this case, you can start to wear clean clothes. You will not feel the sensation again.

When people are in the comfort zone, they tend to be lazy to move and start a new zone. This is the most difficult stage which they have to move or change something. Sometimes, it can happen in the transition of seasons. From winter to summer or the opposite, the body will have to get used to using proper clothes again based on the season. Some of you might adapt in longer time than other people. People tend to feel comfy with clothes in autumn season.

People also tend to feel uncomfortable feeling or sensation when they cut their nails. This is normal for other people but not for the autistics. There has been a case where an autistics kid really hates the time when their nails have to be cut down. She cannot stop on telling her mother. Actually, this is not a painful activity. She just felt that the air could freely press the nails after they are cut down. Besides, the nails are felt wider after they are cut down.

In the medical world, the difference between kids in autistics and non-autistics condition is on this matter: the minicolumns in human brain. They are different in autistics kids and non-autistics ones. The non-autistics ones are wider than the autistics so the transmission of the information is done through the minicolumns. The non-autistics have narrower minicolumns that they have such feeling sensation toward their body.