Understanding Shingles and the Ways to Prevent It

Besides chickenpox, there is a major disease caused by the same virus which is called as shingles or herpes zoster. Unlike chickenpox, this skin disease appears the abdominal skin around the ribs, navel, mouth, and vaginal area, although it can emerge everywhere on our body. Those who can be infected with shingles are people with low immune system, which mostly people over 50 years old. But, younger people are still vulnerable to shingles too, if they don’t keep their immune system in good state every day. Statistic shown that more than a million people, with age more than 30, suffer from shingles every year.

In fact, many people around the world have suffered from chickenpox when they are still children. But, what people don’t understand is the fact that the virus stays in the body for years, selecting the nerve ganglia and also spinal cord as their hide-out. Although through times they are dormant, once your body shows significant low immune system for a certain period of time, the virus will re-activated and cause shingles.

Even, shingles can be very deadly as it is able to appear in our internal organs and affect the work of each organ. This way, your ears can’t listen, your eyes can’t see, and in chronic stage, it leads to death. Everybody who ever experienced chickenpox in their life is vulnerable to shingles. They have 90 percent chance of it. Once the virus awakens, you will have a fever and some aches in several days.

But don’t worry. Although previously you have experienced chickenpox, you still have the chance to avoid shingles. The best way is maintaining your immunity system at its best condition. No matter what your age right now, you have the task to monitor your daily consumption of foods and drugs. Especially for you whose age is more than 50, you have to be really concerned with the strength of your immunity system.

It is better for you to keep away any kinds of drug, especially corticosteroid. Once you suffer from shingles, the doctor usually prescribes you with this kind of drug. But you should know that along with Tylenol, corticosteroid will weaken the immune system toward the shingles virus. This way, your body has a bigger chance to be attacked by shingles in the future. It is better for you to clean your blood from any drugs by consuming some juice or supplement, such as carrot, cucumber, and beet, within three days. Another way is by being a veggie for a couple of days, by only eating fresh and raw vegetables, fruits, and also consuming vitamin B Complex and Vitamin D. Moreover, you have to get rid any fried foods, cheese, eggs, sugar, processed meats, or other foods containing food color and artificial flavors.